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Tempest Restoration are specialists in hard floor renovation and restoration. Using state of the art dust free sanding and restoration equipment and quality professional sealing and polishing products, Tempest Restoration restore various types of hard floors to their former glory. Whatever the requirements whether domestic or commercial Tempest Restorations fully trained technicians have the experience and knowledge to accommodate.

Fire damaged wood floors, by their very nature can be difficult to restore. Burn damage caused by scorch marks can often be removed using localised repair techniques. Soot residue from a fire or chimney soot fall can be removed using specialist wood cleaning and conditioning processes to lift ingrained carbon and soot deposits, and re-finish the surface to restore the floor back to its pre-incident condition. The repair of tiled floors requires immediate attention. Using specialist equipment, we are able to remove residue left from a fire and restore your hard floor to its pre- incident condition.

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