Mould Remediation

Mould Remediation from Tempest Restoration
  • Trained technicians with full knowledge and expertise
  • Building and contents drying
  • Controlled waste disposal
  • Cleaning and decontamination of all mould affected areas and items, furniture, household items, carpets, rugs, walls and floors
  • Wooden floor restoration
  • Furniture repairs and restoration
  • Laundry and curtain cleaning service
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning using the latest technology and safe products for deep and professional cleaning
  • Removal and storage of contents

Mould in the home can be stubborn and difficult to remove. Mold growth results from the failure of quick and proper drying following water intrusion. Mould remediation is a specialized process requiring a unique combination of training and ability.

Mould can appear as a result of a sustained water/moisture problem. However it is most likely to occur due to water damage or condensation, the severity of mould is very often underestimated and must be treated. Moulds produce allergens (substances that can cause an allergic reaction), irritants and, sometimes, toxic substances. Inhaling or touching mould spores may cause an allergic reaction, such as sneezing, a runny nose, red eyes and skin rash. Moulds can also cause asthma attacks. The effects of mould on your health can be devastating. If you have mould problems in your home you're more likely to have respiratory problems, respiratory infections, allergies or asthma. Damp and mould can also affect the immune system. Our technicians here at Tempest Restoration have extensive knowledge and experience of identifying, diagnosing and devising remedial plans to ensure a safe and healthy environment is created.

What are the causes of mould?

Mould and damp are caused by excess moisture. Moisture in buildings can be caused by leaking pipes, rising damp in basements or ground floors, or rain seeping in because of damage to the roof or around window frames. A newly-built home may be damp if the water used when building it is still drying out – for example, in the plaster on the walls. Excess moisture indoors can also be caused by condensation.

If you have mould or damp it's important to find out why you have excess moisture in your home. When you know what's causing the damp, you can make sure your home is repaired or take steps to limit the moisture in the air. Our team of experts here at Tempest Restoration are highly trained and experienced in the removal and remediation of mould.

Following a site survey Tempest Restoration will discuss the necessary actions to be taken to rectify the source of the problem, remove the mould, decontaminate the area and prepare the property for re-instatement. A controlled drying programme is used with interim visits to monitor the process, ensuring the correct temperature is maintained to sustain a damp free environment to eradicate the return of mould.

Tempest Restoration work in a prompt and professional manor to return the property to its pre incident condition with minimum disruption to the property owner.

Don't risk your property or your health!

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