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Fire and water damaged properties, whether it is domestic or commercial, can quickly establish an odour problem from wet or smoke damaged carpets and furnishings. If a building has been affected by fire, their is usually an unmistakeable odour that lingers long after structural damage has been repaired and the area has been cleaned. These odours often make it difficult or even impossible for people to inhabit or work in the building. These odours can often be trapped inside the buildings structure. Odours can occur from bacteria, which are not always visible within the property, and specialist treatment is necessary to eradicate the smell.

Odour removal is a highly technical task and requires specialist training. The odour remediation process involves the eradication of the odour source and the thorough cleaning of surfaces exposed to the odour. A property consumed by fire will most probably suffer damage to its furnishings, structural integrity and any items of property inside.

All leftover traces of soot and smoke on the walls, floors, ceilings and contents of a room will continue to emit odours after a fire incident. Fire and smoke residue can corrode surfaces it comes into contact with over time. If this residue is not professionally cleaned quickly, furniture, walls and more will be left permanently discoloured and worn. Clothes and upholstered furniture will be unsalvageable and any wood finishes and paint will more than likely need to be re-applied.

Tempest Restoration technicians are highly trained to carry out a complete odour control and decontamination process to ensure elimination of the cause and create a purified atmosphere and a safe environment.

Don't risk your property or your health!

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